Saturday, April 07, 2012

Buddy Guy interview on PBS

Great interview with Buddy Guy on PBS. The transcript is here.

I met Buddy Guy backstage in Austin right before his performance for an Antone's Night Club anniversary concert. Miss Lavelle White had accompanied my wife and I to the concert and she asked me to take her back stage to meet him. She had performed around Chicago with him back in the day. He was sitting down when we met him with a fifth of Amaretto next to him. I noticed he had a jewel encrusted incisor when he smiled. He and Lavelle talked for awhile. Then Guy's wife walked in. "Who's this?" Buddy stumbled for a few words trying to give her the history of their friendship. It was not a very comfortable situation to be sure. Lavelle and hightailed it back to the auditorium very soon after that.

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