Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Peter Karp/Sue Foley: He Said - She Said

I interviewed Sue Foley in a restaurant in Austin's Four Season's Hotel back in the early 90s near the beginning of her music career. I must say, the lady has grown musically as you would expect someone to after this many years on the road. Her voice is strong as is her guitar work. On this new CD from from Blind Pig Records, Foley has teamed up with Peter Karp, a man who takes both his music and his lyrics pretty seriously.

This is not your typical blues album. There's touches of country and rock throughout along with a host of other music flavors as the artists trade off songs. If you're tired of your typical, "I'm broke, drunk and down and out" blues albums, give "He Said - She Said" a spin. I think you'll enjoy the music and you might even have to use your brain while you're listening to it.

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