Thursday, February 16, 2006

Meeting The Blues

My first exposure to blues music was as a young child growing up on a cotton farm in central Texas in the late 1950s and 1960s. My mother had an old 78 rpm recording of B.B. King singing "Did You Ever Love A Woman" backed with "Let's Do The Boogie." What a great record! I was fascinated by the sound and the passion that this man could project from his guitar. Searching through the old stack of 78s in the living room closet I discovered records by Smiley Lewis ("Bumpity Bump," "I Hear You Knocking", and county music legends Lefty Frizzel and Bobby Lord. I just wore those records out! Flash forward to junior high in Buda, Texas. After school I went over to a friend's house to listen to music. He put on a new record he had just purchased by a guy named Freddie King. It was produced by Leon Russell, another childhood music hero of mine. I listened to the opening bars of "I'm Going Down" and almost fell down on the floor. This was rockin' blues music like I had never heard before.

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