Thursday, July 19, 2007

Robert Cray...Keeping it Fresh

Robert Cray and his band like to play their gigs on the edge - no set list and no safety net. In an interview with Des Moines Register writer, J. Sharpe Smith, Cray explains where 30 years of touring has taken him.

"I like to play on the edge," Cray said. "As long as we have been playing, you could get into a place where you just do it by rote. It is the idea of not knowing where you will go next that is a challenge for us. Being in front of a new audience every night ... not planning a set list (means) you are going out and baring your soul."

"Every day is a different day, and we try to make that day special," Cray said. "I try to put myself in the moment. That is the most challenging and exciting thing that anyone could ever have.

That's how we keep it fresh."

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