Thursday, June 07, 2007

Canned Heat - Live At Montreux 1973

Review by Scott Homewood

Let me preface this review by reminding faithful readers (and informing new ones) that for about a decade I listened to blues music almost exclusively. During that time I considered myself a blues purist and, unfortunately, it made me a music racist. For many years I believed white musicians had no business trying to exploit blues' popularity and musically empathize with the plight of the black musicians and yet usurp their music. Now, in retrospect it sounds as ridiculous now as it must have sounded to my peers and other casual musical acquaintances when I would try to explain to them how much I thought Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughn sucked and how could Vaughn and Winter even try to pretend they were blues artists and etc. etc. I have since realized blues does not belong to a particular culture, but is a feeling all human beings go through at one point or another due to life's circumstances. I will say I still love the same blues artists I loved then and still do not feel too much kinship with Vaughn and Winter's music, but I have learned to respect their talents and achievements. I will also say I am surprised at how many blues fans feel the way I used to and will not except other forms of blues and artists into the genre. I am saddened by that and hope it changes so the music can grow.

Well, confession over. This ain't Christmas or Easter anyway.

On to the music.

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