Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pacific Northwest Blues Legend Curtis Salgado May Get Liver Transplant

BluesWax magazine reports that Portland, Oregon music legend, Curtis Salgado, who was diagnosed with liver cancer earlier this year has been undergoing evaluation for a liver transplant. If all goes according to plan, Salgado will receive a live-donor transplant sometime this week at a hospital in the Midwest. A friend volunteered to be tested, was determined by Doctors that she qualified and agreed to give Salgado more than half of her liver. The organ would regenerate in both bodies, providing both Salgado and the donor with enough liver function to live a complete life.

The operation is expected to cost $300,000. Salgado, who does not have health insurance has been working with friends and supporters with a series of fundraisers.

Salgado was the inspiration for John Belushi’s Blues Brothers character. The two met in 1977 when Salgado was playing at a nightclub in Eugene, Oregon with the Robert Cray band. Belushi was in Eugene at the time filming the movie “Animal House.” Belushi gave Salgado the credit for inspiring the Blues Brothers, even dedicating the Blues Brother’s album, “Briefcase Full of Blues” to him.

Curtis Salgado official

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